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  • Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Police were called to a local store by a loss prevention officer because a 17-year-old kid stole about $50 worth of merchandise. But worst of all, he tried to throw his own mother under the bus while doing it.

The kid was shopping in the store separate from his mother. They met up at the self check-out and starting ringing up their purchases. He handed the bag of stuff to his mother and said he would pay for everything. She began walking out the store. At that point the kid starts hitting cancel on the transaction and then tried to leave the store.

He was briefly detained by the self check-out attendant, but ran past her and out the door. He snatched the bag of merchandise from his mother’s hand and took off running.

The manager said he did not want to press charges on the kid, but did want to put him on trespass notice. The notice was written up and given to the kid’s mother.

The boy was later located at his house and said he threw the bag in the woods. He said he would ride with police to show them where the bag was. But when they got there it was gone. He said his friends must have taken it.

However, he could not name those friends, their addresses were unknown as well as their phone numbers.

The boy was returned to his home where his grandmother gave officers the money and said she would pay the bill.

Great examples

Two grown men got into an argument in the car rider lane at a school while dropping off their kids.

One man said the other cut him off and then drove very dangerously in front of him.

Once at the school he noticed that this suspect driver was behind him. He saw the suspect driver get out of his car and approach. At this point he pulled up in the line and told his son to get out of the car, which he did.

The suspect driver then had to return to his own car and pull up.

At that point there were cars in front so the victim could not go anywhere. Again the suspect driver got out of his car, the police report said. He approached the driver’s side window and began to yell and said he was going to kill him. He also said he did not care if the victim called police. Since the suspect driver did not care, the victim did call police.

At that point he spit on the victim’s car. The victim was visibly shaken by the incident and was very nervous according to the police report.

When questioning the suspect driver, he said he did exit his car, but he was the one who was spit on. Police did not notice any spit on the victim’s car, the report said. In the end, neither man wanted to press charges.

A glance at the school security video does show the dangerous driver exiting his car, yelling at he victim and spitting on the car as he walked away.

Passive Aggressive

A woman living in a local apartment complex called police because she noticed derogatory and almost threatening posts being put on Facebook about her and her dog.

She said complaints had been lodged against her because her dog had been aggressive to others in the apartment complex. She had been ordered by the management there to muzzle her dog unless the dog was inside her apartment - which she said she now does.

But one tenant in the complex did not think this was enough and made comments online about carrying a bat and being in fear for her safety. Police were shown these posts and offered to go speak to the woman.

She said she did post those comments and was quite concerned about this dog. Officers suggested that perhaps she take those concerns to the management and not Facebook, in an effort to get better results.

She agreed to do so and said she would avoid the woman as much as possible so to avoid conflict - both human and otherwise.

The woman with the reported aggressive dog was approached again by management and told she could not bring her dog to the dog park if any other resident was there. She could only walk her dog when the park was empty. She agreed and everyone was happy.

Trying to get a rise

Police were called to a home because a man had a self-inflicted injury. A police report said he was extremely intoxicated and had purposely cut himself during an argument with his mother.

According to the report, although he purposely cut himself, he denied wanting to hurt himself. Police made contact with his mother who said, “he’s just trying to get a rise out of me.”

She said they had been arguing about his drinking and he picked up the scissors and stuck it in his arm. She said she did not believe her son was suicidal and she is working on getting him into treatment, according to the report. He was voluntarily taken to the hospital.

The right thing

A driver got a little off track one evening and slammed his car into a brick-type mailbox, severely damaging both the car and the mailbox housing.

He went to the front door of the residence and spoke to the homeowner. He was extremely upset according to her statement to police and his hands were all scratched up. He asked to use the phone but then was distracted by someone driving by on a golf cart. He suddenly walked away to speak to them and then walked off toward the highway.

The homeowner called police because he left his car in her yard up against the mailbox.

Police arrived and ran the tag and also found a college identification tag in the car.

They located a number for the driver but did not receive an answer when they called.

A short time later, a taxi cab pulled up about three houses down and a random person was about to get in it. Police saw this and stopped the man before he got in. They asked for his identification and it turned out he had been the driver of the crashed vehicle.

He agreed to speak with police and told the officers he went to the front door and spoke with the homeowner. He said he was trying to do the right thing. He was asked why he left the scene of the accident and where he had been for the last 30 minutes, but he would not answer. He only said he was trying to do the right thing.

He was then informed he was being arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. In addition, the report said the man had slow speech and an odor of alcohol coming from his person so he was also charged with drunkenness in public.


A concerned citizen called police because he heard a loud argument going on at his neighbor’s house. When police arrived they too heard the yelling.

The officer was greeted by a young woman who said her friend was causing a disturbance and she wanted him to leave.

He then came to the door and said that this young woman punched him in the face.

The officer smelled a strong odor of pot coming from inside the house and asked the girl if they could step inside. She said no that this was her house and all she wanted was for the man to leave.

But an officer speaking to that man learned that they had all been drinking and the young woman punched him in the face after becoming angry with him. He said she was 17 years old. The officer went back and asked her how old she was and she said 21. When asked why the man would say she was 17 she started to cry and admitted she was 17.

At this point the officer asked if there was any alcohol in the house, and another person came to the door and said there was and that it was his. At this point the girl denied drinking anything. The officer then asked if there was any marijuana in the house and the girl said no, but the boy behind her said yes.

The man who complained about being punched in the face took full responsibility for the pot and was issued a ticket and thanked for his honesty.

He took officers inside and handed it over. Police saw beer cans strewn about the house as well. The girl asked that everyone leave her house. But police called her mom first who said she could not get off work, but was sending her 23-year-old child over to dispose of the beer and supervise her 17-year-old child.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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