Are you attracting the wrong kind of people?

  • Thursday, November 7, 2013

The law of magnetism says, “Who you are is who you attract.”

I think all of us have a list in our heads as to the kind of person we would like to work for us or work with us. But the shocker is that whom you get is generally not determined by who you want, but instead by who you are.

The bottom line is that we draw people to us who have the same qualities we do.

At first glance people who understand the principle will nod in agreement. Those who don’t, especially if they have been unsuccessful in recruiting the kind of people they want, will shake their heads in disagreement. The principle is sound.

Many of today’s business principles originated from yesterday’s commonsense conversations. This one for instance is something I used to hear my grandmother preach and teach many times and was a part of our culture. The only difference was that they stated it differently. They would say, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Others say, “You can tell a person by the company he keeps.”

The idea is that contrary to the laws of physics, like attracts like. We attract people who think the way we do and are generally like us.

The people you have around you, at least those that you attract, can give you an idea of who you are.

0There is something, some reason why you attract those people. This is not a good or bad issue at first, although it can come down to that; but it says you need to take stock and look at the people you are attracting and determine whether the statement it makes about you is one with which you are comfortable.

The law of magnetism might have a fancy name today, but my grandmother used it on me. She would look at the company I was keeping and determine from that if I was going in the right direction.

Guess what? In the vast majority of times it was an accurate measurement.

The bottom line on this magnetism principle is that what we are is our strongest drawing card. If you lack integrity and character people with integrity and character are not going to be drawn to you, and if for some other reason they are attracted to you at first, they will take flight after a while.

Ultimately who you are is what you get.

If you want the best kind of people to be attracted to you, then work on improving yourself.

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