Shutdown a poor reflection on America

  • Thursday, October 31, 2013

The totally unnecessary government shutdown is over. That there were no winners in this event, as the President said. But some people suffered damage and some suffered more than others.

The people most affected had no paychecks coming in and therefore had to make other arrangements. To give you an idea of how frightening that can be consider the general warning we often hear that many people are one or two paychecks away from being homeless.

When citizens find themselves in a situation where they are unable to take care of themselves they usually look to the government to help them. In this case, many found themselves in a situation where they needed help but were pushed into that situation by the government.

Government should help victims, not create victims.

Could it happen again? Already one Senator has made it known that no one should rule out the people responsible for shutting down the government doing it again.

In terms of damage another loser is the country as a whole. America no longer has the credibility before foreign governments and their people it once had after this shutdown. It has often been said that there is no power that can destroy America. We are too strong economically and too well-armed for anyone to take us on without destroying themselves.

But the other side is that we can self-destruct. We can destroy ourselves, and it will happen in small ways and in different ways.

We have a well-stocked hand but we can squander all that away and end up losing the security and superiority we have over others. There is no Goliath that is so big and so strong and so secure in today’s world that they cannot fall.

I have a lingering question about our intellectual capacity falling behind other countries. Is it possible that our inability to arrive at answers or negotiate solutions without going to extremes is a reflection of the fact that we are no longer as smart a nation as we use to be, or is it just that the leaders responsible for getting us in this hole are “smart” but not wise?

The parties have been damaged but not equally. Poll after poll has shown greater damage to one party over the other. That is understandably so because one party singlehandedly shut down the government and one party had the power to singlehandedly open the government.

Sometimes democracy can be skewed in such a way that it does not achieve what democracy is supposed to achieve. Drawing voting districts for example to ensure that certain people who vote a certain way are all in the same district does not produce true democracy. It gives the people an appearance of control, but in essence they have very little, unless by a miracle they change their political ideology.

Leaders know how to dilute the power of those who put them in position so they can have their own way.

What is supposed to be the most sober community of leaders in the nation has become a group of jokers passing themselves off as legislators.

America is turning into something it wasn’t before and it is not pretty or for the better. Pray for America.

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