Valentine’s levels of leadership

  • Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Many people aspire to be leaders. They want to be in that top position for the status or the prestige that it offers.
But wanting to lead for selfish reasons is the worst kind of motive for leading.
One should desire to lead because they have something to offer or they believe they are the best person for the particular leadership position.                                                                                       
There are four levels of leadership.
The first level of leadership is positional leadership. It is the lowest level of leadership. It is based on a title or job description.
People follow this person only because they have to or at least they think they have to. Outside your sphere or the boundaries of this job your influence ceases.
I have had people in my classes who have identified people in their organization that they obey only because they have to, they respond not to the person but the authority invested in the title or position the person holds.
Leaders must start somewhere but it is unacceptable to stay at this level of leadership all your life.                                                                       
The second level of leadership is based on relationships. They no longer follow you because they have to but because they want to. If you are a supervisor on the job they will treat you with the same respect outside the job as they do on the job. They have grown to like you and trust you and they respond to you on that basis.
At this level work becomes a lot more enjoyable and a lot more fun for everyone and the whole leadership experience is more enjoyable.
But just as we shouldn’t stay on the first level of leadership neither should we stay on this level of leadership for long; after a while motivated people will become uneasy because they want to see things accomplished.                                                                                                                                              
The third level of leadership is results oriented. At this level people follow you because of what you have achieved for the company, the organization, the church or the team. At this level respect for the leader grows because of what he and the people have been able to accomplish together.
The fourth level of leadership is what some call people development. The greatest job that any leader has is to develop other leaders. At this level of leadership the leader’s focus is not just inspiring others or leading in general but his focus is on developing other leaders.
He works to help other leaders develop themselves and realize their potential. People no longer respect you just because of what you have done for the team, not just because of what you have made the team but what you have made them individually.
Pouring yourself into leaders is one of the ways to most effectively impact the greatest number of people because through them you are able to impact many more lives than you would have been able to do on your own.
Grow as a leader and you will grow other leaders.

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