Wise Words from Williams: Make the right choice in life

  • Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No matter what the situation, you can let it make you better or bitter.
Joseph was stronger than that. He didn’t allow bad treatment to make him bitter. He rose above that kind of behavior.
Notice all the things that Joseph did seem to have backfired; the good things he did seem to have produced bad results. I know a lot of people who would be so bitter at this stage they would be drowning in an ocean of their own bitterness. But sometimes we jump to conclusions like those because we are looking at the now. We lack perspective.
Many people do what they believe is right, but the results seem all wrong.
I was speaking to someone recently and they said, “The more good you do the more it seems you get slapped in the face.”
Sometimes it feels like that. Doing good and getting bad results can wear you down over time. But you have to believe that no matter what you feel or how you are treated good will overcome bad. Truth will finally overcome falsehood.                                                                                           
Joseph was nice to Pharaoh’s butler in jail but as soon as the butler got out of jail and was restored to his original position before Pharaoh, he forgot Joseph. After the butler had forgotten Joseph for about two years something happened. Pharaoh, his boss, had a problem that no one in the country could solve. He had a dream and no one could interpret it.
This incident finally jogged the memory of the butler, and he remembered Joseph. It’s funny how when problems come people who had forgotten you suddenly remember you. Those to whom you have been good usually remember you when things get bad.
People can easily forget the good you do to them, but only for a while. There is nothing that jogs the memory like hard times or times of trouble. The butler mentioned Joseph to Pharaoh. He didn’t do it to be nice to Joseph, but to help out the King which in turn would make him look good. Joseph was summoned to King Pharaoh and the end result was that Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and recommend to Pharaoh a plan of action to deal with the impending crisis they would face as a nation.
Pharaoh rewarded Joseph and made him second in command.
In other words Joseph was next to the King in terms of power and authority. About 20 years from the time Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave, they turned up at Joseph’s door in Egypt looking for food because of the famine.
Let me ask you the question. What would you have done? Would you have fed them or let them go hungry considering all they did to you?
Guess what? Joseph could have done more than that. Joseph had the power to take their lives and that would be the end of it. But Joseph didn’t. Bad treatment didn’t get the better of Joseph. Instead of making him bitter it made him better. He looked at them at one point and told them, “You intended it for evil, but God for good.”
The bottom line is that Joseph had a strong faith in God and he believed that God would see him through, so he did not allow his attitude to sour, he refused to get bitter or to think revenge. But it was a choice. You have the same choice today.
Learn to forgive, let go the wrongs others do to you and wait until God turns things around for you. I am not suggesting it will be early or easy, but it will be sure. What’s your choice, to be better or bitter?

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