Valentine offers more tips for success

  • Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wise Words from Williams
I would like to share with you some final points on how to improve your desire to succeed.                                                                                                                 
Take time to encourage others. You might be surprised how encouraging others end up encouraging you. Get in the habit of spreading cheer, not just expecting to get cheer from others. When you learn to encourage others people will gravitate to you a lot more, and when you need encouragement others will be a lot more willing to send some your way.                                                                                                                                              
Another way to increase your desire to succeed is to take measured pauses. Our desires like our bodies need to be refueled at times. Sometimes we need to slow down, pause a while to refresh ourselves, and to just refuel. Get in the habit of taking measured breaks, mini holidays, or extended week ends.
Think success. By this I mean you should visualize the successful completion of whatever you are trying to achieve.  See the end picture, consider the rewards at the end of the journey. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the here and now, don’t get buried under the weight of what’s happening now, visualize the benefits down the road.
There might be present pain but the future gain is well worth it.
Look at the bigger picture. Sometimes the little things like mosquitoes and small flies can so irritate us and wear us down that we forget the bigger picture and we lose heart. It would do us good to look at the bigger picture or the end result.                          
There was a time when I was going to school and facing many challenges of different kinds. I really felt discouraged; then I remembered something that the grownups used to say when I was growing up.
It was something simple, but it hit me really hard. When they were going through difficult times they would often say, “This too shall pass.”
Problems are not permanent. Frustrations and struggles are not life time sentences. They are just challenges that come on the road of life. We learn to overcome them, not allow them to defeat us.
Remind yourself that this too shall pass.                                                
Finally, learn to tune out negative talkers and dream killers. There are some people you can’t avoid for one reason or another but you can arm yourself and shield your mind from their negative talk and their dream killing declarations. Don’t let what others say cause you to settle for mediocrity or second best or to lose heart.
Learn to tune out this kind of talk and focus on what’s positive. What’s positive might not sound pleasant all the time, it might not even be what you want to hear. But it is what will get you from here to there.
When people hold you to high expectations, don’t side with those who tell you that what you are doing is good enough. Those who think you are doing well enough might see the silver in you, but those who challenge you to do better might see the gold in you.
What do you want to be in life, a gold medalist or silver?

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