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  • Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last week I wrote about the importance of having desire in order to succeed. However, there are people who know that but still lack desire.
As a matter of fact many people bemoan the fact that they lack desire to do the things they know would bring them success.
One of the things that will help you develop the desire to succeed most quickly would be to hang around motivated people. I find being around motivated people motivating, encouraging people encouraging, draining people draining, and upbeat people upbeat.
If you are feeling lackluster in the area of your desire to succeed check the people you are hanging around lately. It helps to listen to people who speak positively and have something encouraging to offer rather than tales of woe.               
It would be great to go hear a presentation from a motivational speaker but that might not be in your budget. But to take out someone who you know will feed you with encouragement can definitely fit in your budget.
One of the best things you can do for yourself and one of the greatest blessings is to have people in your life from which you can receive encouraging counsel.
That is putting real high octane fuel in your tank that can clean your carburetors, take the knock out of your engine and have you cruising on the freeway of life with your desire to succeed operating optimally. And it’s all for free.                                                                                                                                  
Learn to encourage yourself. There are going to be times when there is no one nearby to reach out to you or that you can reach out to for help. That means you have to learn to encourage yourself. Develop the habit of using positive self-talk.
Instead of saying or thinking I feel terrible, or my life is terrible think of something that you have done successfully.
Bring back to mind something positive that was said about you. Think about something you did that made you really proud. And if you are a Christian you can pray and you can bring back to mind all the great promises in the Good Book that God gave to us.                                                               
Listen to and read motivating literature. I believe that even in today’s world most people would agree that the most inspirational and motivational book that has ever been written is the bible. Pick up your copy or get a copy and read it. Listen to great messages of hope and encouragement from your clergyman or someone else. Disconnect from some of the things that do not feed your spirit or encourage you. Read and watch and listen to things that challenge you, not just comfort you. Most of what people watch, listen to, or read today is merely entertaining. We have to move past entertainment and begin to think of what educates and will help to improve our quality of life.                                                                                                                                                             
Encourage yourself by celebrating small successes. Don’t just wait until you hit the ball out of the park before you give yourself a pat on the back.
Give thanks and take the time to celebrate even in some small way the little achievements of life. Understand that it is the small things that add up to the big thing and the small steps that get to us to our eventual destination.

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