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  • Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wouldn’t life be easier if everyone just walked around with a big sign listing things they love, things they hate and things they don’t give one whoop about?
Anybody? No?
So it IS just me. Here’s the deal: Everyone has opinions and I’d like to know them going in, so to speak. That way I wouldn’t get in trouble for saying, “Edward Snowden is a patriot who risked everything to inform the public,” which may or may not cause the man next to me to scream and turn purple.
So… Here are some things I love:
Fireplaces.Puppy breath.Flirting with Widdle.Thunderstorms.Eating in restaurants.My straight friends, my gay friends--any friend who forgives my sins.Moving. Yes, moving.Happy perfume.Being an American.Warm feet.Damien Rice, Dolly Parton, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, the Avett Brothers, Steve Earle and Corrine Bailey Rae.Book clubs.Saucony running shoes.Painting a wall.Traveling (which I don’t do much of lately because we have very old parents and a very old dog.)David Sedaris.Fishing.“Modern Family,” “Law & Order SVU” marathons and “Cheers” and “MASH” re-runs.Playing cards.Bible study groups.Exercise.Old cookbooks.Local theatre.Sun Chips, cucumber salad, Craisin cookies, spinach dip, peanut butter, fresh pineapple, oatmeal, soy burgers, blueberry pancakes and pepper jack cheese (which I don’t eat since I gave up dairy.)Pinot grigio. Ice cold.“Mississippi Burning,” “Goodfellas”and “O Brother Where Art Thou.”Wrapping presents.Browsing real estate ads.Facebook.Tickling my dog.Decorating blogs.Reading presidential biographies, celebrity memoirs and maritime history.Featherbeds.Thrift stores, junk shops and Craigslist.Brunch.Flying. The airport is a pain, but I LOVE to fly.Hammocks.Sleeping.Going to the movies. DVDs are fine, but I prefer the full popcorn/previews/sitting in the dark with strangers experience.Folding laundry.Window-shopping for clothes, jewelry and furniture I’ll never buy.Oak trees.Allrecipes.com.Men (and women) in uniform.Tunnels.San Francisco; Maine; Asheville; San Antonio; Knoxville; and Key West.Now for Part 2: Hate is such a negative word. So let’s just say I “strongly dislike, to the point of nausea”:
Spending money.Asparagus.Ironing.Getting rained on.Frogs.Leaving a party. I always feel like such a buzzkill.Music boxes.Reality TV.Crowds.Talking on the telephone.Wet feet.Vacuuming.Broken shoelaces.Saying goodbye at airports.Movies depicting violence against women.Pudding.Wearing bracelets.Outlook Express. What was wrong with Hotmail?And finally, here are things I don’t give one whoop about…
Soap operas.My sleep number.Cats.Chocolate.Tattoos/ body piercings.Amtrak.Naps.The beach.Golf.There you have it. Whoops, I left off one “love”: Making lists. But you knew that already.
Julie R. Smith, who is nothing if not opinionated, can be reached at widdleswife@aol.com.

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