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  • Friday, July 12, 2013

“Seniors no better at math, reading skills than in the 70s” (July 28), reads an Associated Press article that proves the utter ineffectiveness of the federal Department of Education, formed and funded at the end of the Carter administration in 1980. In the past 33 years, this bloated education bureaucracy has consumed hundreds of billions of tax dollars and foisted upon local schools scores of complicated regulations, questionable standards and burdensome compliance paperwork. In typical government “It Isn’t Our Fault” fashion, quoting from the article, “Officials attributed the bleak finding on more lower-performing students staying in school rather than dropping out,” Oh, really?

Recently, the Department of Education came out with its Common Core Standards, a one-size-fits-all dictate that edu-crats claim will improve primary and secondary education through standardized nationwide curricula and teaching methods. Seldom revealed, much less discussed and debated, is that materials developed under CCS are filled with revisionist history and anti-capitalism as well as promotion of “social justice,” wealth redistribution and environmental activism. Indoctrination of our children in these concepts will, in the minds of these people, improve their math and reading skills. Fortunately, some states’ boards of education (sadly, not including South Carolina) have pushed back and refused to adopt Common Core. Good for them.

Dismantling and abolishing the federal Department of Education and returning education to the local communities, a promise made by Ronald Reagan when he took office in 1981 that he left unfulfilled, is a congressional duty that is long overdue.

Mike Schwartz

Mount Pleasant

Another server’s perspective

With regard to the letter to the editor: “A Server’s Perspective” printed in the June 19, 2013 issue of the “Moultrie News,” I would like to offer another perspective.

I, too, have waited tables to support myself through school. Never, have I ever, not returned a customer’s full change (coinage or bills) after settling a bill.

Yes, our jobs as servers, as well as those of all of the staff who contribute to a memorable experience in any aspect of the service industry, are demanding. But, we have chosen to work in the service industry and we are there to serve. We (or most of us) are pleased and grateful for whatever gratuity we receive above and beyond our base pay.

I would suggest that the writer be grateful for what she gets or find another job.

If I knew where the letter writer worked, I would be certain not to patronize that establishment, lest I be short changed.

E.C. Burn


Paula Deen

I never thought I would be so ashamed of my hometown newspaper. I found the Paula Deen cartoon extremely offensive and uncalled for. Are people so jealous of her success that they will go to any length to bring her down? I am not a fan of hers, but she is a good example of what is possible in this country of free enterprise if you are willing to work hard.

Elizabeth H. McConnell


Saved the day

We wanted to publicly thank Jeremy Feldman and his employees at CrossFit Frequency and Charleston Taekwondo for turning a sour situation into a day to remember.

It was a day that our little girls were looking forward to for weeks. They invited 12 friends to celebrate their birthday at a ballerina party. All the details were ready, including a special guest ballerina to lead the girls.

Soon after arriving at the rented venue, we realized that we would not be able to get in due to unforeseen circumstances. Jeremy witnessed our panic and offered up his taekwondo studio at a moment’s notice.

He not only let us use his spacious, air-conditioned room, he kindly redirected some of our guests to his studio, the new party location. In addition, he loaned an employee to assist throughout the party.

Through Jeremy’s kindness, hospitality and generosity our girls and their friends had a fantastic party. He stepped in and truly saved the day.

Again thank you to Jeremy and CrossFit and Charleston Taekwondo for showing character and kindness.

Rick Sargent and family

Mount Pleasant

Eternal gratitude

Contrary to the unknowing claims made on this page several weeks back, many American citizens and citizens of other countries, who have studied, thought upon and lived humanity’s history of tyranny, oppression and poverty have come to regard the Constitution of the United States as America’s single greatest contribution to civilization, because it sets men and women as sovereigns to revere their God, provide for their families and act out their destinies in a free land amongst others doing the same.

The ideals of representative democracy, enlightened self-interest, the rule of law and private property are never without challenges. Totalitarianism from abroad and social obesity by enforced political correctness, electronic monitoring, paternalistic micro regulation and ascendancy of mass culture over individual understanding of right and wrong threaten the future vibrancy of our Constitution.

We owe Mr. Kobrovsky a debt of civic gratitude for raising East Cooper’s understanding and love for liberty, limited government and our obligation, as citizens of a Great and Free Land, to always be engaged in Constitutional practice.

Irvin Evans

Mount Pleasant

Traffic ideas

I read with great interest Tyler Heffernan’s article in the Moultrie News on June 26, 2013 about traffic relief on the Isle of Palms Connector.

The Isle Of Palms Connector should be widened to four lanes up to the elevated portion of the road and the three lanes on the elevated part with one fixed lane in each direction and the middle lane reversible for traffic to and from IOP, inbound to IOP until about 2 p.m. and outbound after that, on weekends and holidays. This way traffic will flow more smoothly and more quickly on weekends and holidays. There is even room to go to four lanes on the elevated portion, but it looks tight for space.

I must commend the Isle Of Palms police for moving the traffic off of the Isle Of Palms the evening of July 4.

Usually it takes me about 15-25 minutes to go from the end of Carolina Boulevard where it empties into Palm Boulevard to get to the connector. On the fourth, it took only about five minutes. The traffic was going a lot faster, or there were fewer cars. It seemed to be a combination of both. Making the connector two lanes to Mount Pleasant would have made the trip even faster.

I have been in traffic jams trying to get off IOP when bad rain storms occur or after holiday weekends or the fireworks before, so I understand the problem.

Edward Lipman

Mount Pleasant

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