Wise Words from Williams

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer can be one of the most fun times of the year; but we also need to exercise caution.
Here are things to remember so you do not become a casualty of the season or cause someone else to be.
At the top of my list is: Don’t drink and drive. Too many innocent people have lost their lives due to people who are irresponsible enough to drink and drive.
How costly can drinking and driving be? Wives have been left without a husband. Children have been deprived of parents or lost a brother or sister because of one person who decided to drink and drive.
This summer say no to drinking and driving; the life you save may be your own.
Closely related to drinking and driving is speeding and reckless driving. Most police officers are generous enough not to pull us over for going two or three miles above the speed limit. But many of us exceed the speed limit by many times that number.
I understand that there are times we are in a hurry or running behind schedule but that is not a good enough reason to drive at the rate of speed I see many people drive on the road. Anyone can push hard on a gas pedal while holding the steering wheel in order to direct it where you want the vehicle to go; but that doesn’t make you a competent driver. Strive to go beyond mere competence in your driving, aim to be a responsible driver. Part of being a responsible driver is to drive not just for yourself but with others on the road in mind.                                                                                                         
In the age of cell phone learn to stay connected. Let others know where you are or will be. It’s better to let someone know your plans.
Sometimes our world is not as safe as we think.
Fourthly, don’t take unnecessary chances. Guys can be daring at times. This can lead to irresponsible behavior.
Drag racing on the street, jumping from a cliff, and all those drinking games that many like to play … when you lose your ability to think clearly and make wise decisions because of alcohol use you are playing a very dangerous game whether you are on land or water, whether you are male or female.
I have heard of too many stories of regrets from females who did things while they were under the influence for which they were ashamed.
A general rule of thumb for everyone should be, “Never lose control.” Don’t do anything that will limit your ability to think or put you at risk.
A moment of pleasure is never worth a lifetime of regret. Enjoy your summer but do so responsibly.

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