Look before you leap

  • Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June is traditionally regarded as bride’s month. It is the time of year when traditionally most marriages occur.
I was reminded of this because a few days ago I heard two young ladies discussing marriage and one of them mentioned that she would like to be a June bride. The younger one said she preferred to get married on Valentine’s Day because she thought that was more romantic.
That got me to start thinking about marriage. I could say a lot about marriage but for some reason my mind went to the funny side and a number of humorous stories and incidents that I have heard or read over the years came back to mind. In these hot summer days I decided that you might have more fun reading these stories than being lectured about marriage.
Some stories are just that stories and nothing else; but some are so real they are hard to believe. This one is true.
I walked past a group of uniformed men sharing stories about experiences they have had meeting members of the opposite sex. This particular young man about 28 years told his friends that he was at a party one night and met a young lady that he really liked. After spending some time with her he decided to play it safe so he asked her if she was married. She told him she was a May bride. She went on to explain that she may or may not be married, it all depends.
Guys watch out or you may or may not find yourself in a whole lot of trouble.
The bride was lying in bed enjoying this first day of her long awaited honeymoon. Her husband crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. After about 20 minutes and he did not return she shouted, “Honey, did you brush your teeth as yet?” 
“Yes,” he cooed, “And while I was at it, I also brushed yours.”
Such a thoughtful husband, we need more like him.
After a month of nonstop romance and going out almost every night the young lady said to the guy, “Don’t you think it is time we got married?”
“I would love to,” said the guy. “But it will be years and years before I will be able to afford a home.”
The young lady refused to take no for an answer.
“So, couldn’t we go and live with your parents after we are married?”
“No chance,” said the guy. “My parents are still living with their parents.”
Ladies, all I can say is look before you leap.
The couple was being taken on their first helicopter ride. It is something they could not afford but they were told that if none of them screamed, shouted or made a sound during the ride, the ride would be free. They were strapped in and the pilot took off. They were treated to some dazzling sights as the helicopter soared above the lush landscape, over buildings and even the ocean.
The pilot made some amazing moves swerving here and there, doing somersaults and making a number of acrobatic moves with the helicopter. All this time he did not hear a sound from the couple. He was really impressed with their composure. Finally he circled and headed for the landing area. “You guys did very well,” he shouted over the noise of the engine. “Usually most couples would be screaming. I guess the ride is on me.”
“Well to be truthful,” said the husband. “I almost let out a scream after the last turn when the wife fell out.”

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