Let’s think this over

  • Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In an age of fast food, texting and e-mail, language has been thrown out on its head.
Spell check or grammar check can help us a little, but these can’t remedy the basics of communication.
The basics, to me, means speaking so people understand what you are saying without having to ask a lot of follow up questions. Miscommunication has always been with us and will always be with us. But when we are careless and pay little attention to making sure that the other person really understands us then we end up with additional problems.                                                                                                                
Thinking always takes time no matter what age we live in. We try to think faster, but when that doesn’t work we just put less thinking into what we say and do to keep up with the speed of what has to be done.
Many people believe we are thinking so much faster than before, but that’s not necessarily true. The other options are the fact that we think less or put in less thinking time in what we do so we finish a task much earlier. That can result in an inferior quality of work, although it forces some people to learn or develop more effective thinking skills.                                                                       
But we cannot escape the fact that thinking is not on the same level as it used to be. Some researchers have suggested that it is not that our thinking has become less than before but different from before. The kind of thinking that today’s world demands is different from the kind of thinking that was required in the world of yesterday.                                                                                                                                                 
Many people disagree. There are some abstract thoughts that we could easily conceptualize yesterday that now are a real chore. If you ask me and my sons to figure out  numbers that demand old time addition, subtraction and multiplication, I am going to win hands down. And it has nothing to do with my level of education but with the thinking skills I have developed compared to theirs.
If you try to teach us computer skills or have us figure out how to use the computer they would whip me soundly                                                                            
Along those same lines, a qualification to be an American citizen is to be born in this country or obtain citizenship through naturalization. A mark of a citizen is that you love America and you speak well of America.
But because you love America and speak well of America it doesn’t make you a citizen of American. You have the mark but not the requirement.
If we should tell someone that they love America and speak well of America so that makes them an American; or if they do those things it will make them an American we would be wrong. Yet we use that kind of faulty logic in our speech at all times, especially when it comes to applying the scriptures.
It irks me when what is a mark of the Christian is presented as a qualification to be a Christian. Loving your neighbor is a mark of the Christian. It is not a qualification to be a Christian. One is the horse, the other is the wagon. They are attached, but don’t put the wagon before the horse or say they are the same.
The horse pulls the wagon – the wagon never pulls the horse.

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