Signal to go in at Rifle Range and Hamlin

  • Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Q. There is a sizable construction site or apparatus site on the corner lot of Rifle Range Road and Hamlin Drive. Whatever these machines do, they all seem to be involved with water and underground work. For what purpose do these machines have and what project do they belong to? - David Coley, Mount Pleasant

A. “SCE&G is working on Rifle Range Road near Hamlin Drive on a new electric transmission line that will allow SCE&G to provide greater reliability and meet the growing electrical needs of the East Cooper area. In the fall of 2011, SCE&G notified all property owners along the selected route and began line surveying and soil boring activities for the new line. SCE&G received final approval from regulating agencies and access to the required right-of-way and began construction in October 2012. With an estimated one-year construction schedule, work is scheduled for completion by the end of 2013.” - Matt Hammond, Manager, Mount Pleasant Electric Operations, SCE&G

Q. I am just curious about the need for a red light at the intersection of Rifle Range and Hamlin Roads. There is an elementary school on Hamlin Road and so many people utilize Rifle Range to avoid Highway 17. I am so surprised that there is no red light with turn arrows here.- Donna Galloway, Mount Pleasant

A. “We are planning on adding left turn lanes and installing a traffic light at the intersection.

This is a federally-funded Safety Project and the main purpose of the project is to increase safety, but the improvements should also help relieve congestion and provide for a smoother operation. We were able to keep the footprint small so as not to cause much impact to neighboring properties or trees. The project was let on Feb. 12, and it will be awarded to a contractor this month. Construction should begin in April and it will probably take three to four months to complete.” - Keith Riddle, PE, Safety Projects Engineer, SCDOT - Traffic Engineering

Q. Traveling south on Highway 17, between Brickyard and Long Point Road, the speed limit is 50 mph (or soon will be again). Numerous times I have approached Long Point Road in the left lane, only to come to an abrupt halt, as someone makes a U-Turn to Highway 17N in front of the church. There is no left turn lane. Is there a plan to install a “No Turn/No U-turn” sign here? - David Oyster, Mount Pleasant

A. “The signal at this location as well as others along US 17 have not been completed, particularly with respect to planned signage. A U-turn prohibition for the southbound movement is indicated on the signal design plans and will be installed prior to project completion in April. The posted speed limit on US 17 in this area is 45 mph.” - Brad Morrison, Transportation Director, Town of Mount Pleasant

Q. The road and infrastructure construction projects in our area have been very impressive and well-organized. The massive Highway 17 project in Mount Pleasant is just one example of the many improvements that have taken place in recent years. One item that seems to get missed, though, is the removal of construction signs upon the completion of projects.

On Highway 41 there are multiple construction signs that have been in place for a long time. If you take a ride on the stretch of Highway 41 from Highway 17 to the Wando River Bridge, you’ll notice construction signs that are remaining from the sidewalk improvement project last year and even remaining signs from a widening project related to the new Harris Teeter shopping center at Rivertowne (which was completed at least 3 years ago). If someone can examine those signs and do an assessment of other recent construction projects, I would think we can save money (by reducing the need for additional sign production) and further beautify our area by removing these signs. - Rick Arthur, Mount Pleasant

A. “Although the majority of the work was complete on the S.C. 41 Sidewalk Improvement Project in October of 2012, it is necessary for construction signs to remain in place until all permitting agencies fully review and accept the project. This review process sometimes results in the need for the contractor to re-mobilize and complete additional work, as was the case on the S.C. 41 Sidewalk Improvement Project. However, this project has recently received full acceptance and the construction signs will be removed immediately.” - Molli LeMin, P.E., Charleston County Transportation Development, Project Manager

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