Where did we go wrong with younger generation?

  • Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wise Words from Williams
Adults today criticize the younger generation for a lot of things. But we seldom stay long enough in the mirror to realize that the younger generation is a reflection of the last generation.
Whatever may be said of the younger generation, the real question is, “Who was on the watch while this generation that we criticize so heavily was growing up?”
We were, of course. So their failures are not just a commentary on them but on our ability to raise them.                              
What are some of the ways we could have done better? Here are two glaring failures on our part. The first one is that we gave them valuables before we gave them values. As a result they became wrapped up in things rather than in the development of their person. They started being more interested in how they look rather than who they were.
And when they thought about who they were they identified who they were with the things they had. So they put more pressure on the parents to give them things so they could feel better about who they were.
When they came of age their focus was to get more things, more adult toys or things that will make them look good. They were more interested in looking good than being good. Looking right than living right.
But true success has more to do with character than with reputation. Character is who you really are; reputation is who people think you are. It is wonderful when they are the same but they seldom are.                     
The next thing we failed to do was to teach them how to have a home before they have a house. The result is that their inability to maintain a home resulted in more property to fight over in divorce court.
Buying a house is a matter of saving enough and having good enough credit. There are also shortcuts to getting a house. If you have family or friends who will co-sign for you the process becomes shorter. You could also inherit either the house or money to get the house you want. However when it comes to having a home no one can co-sign for you, no one can die and leave you a home.
Many of us as parents were eager to say our children were doing well, so we pulled out the stops to help them get the house but did little to help them build a home.                                                          
Probably we should go back to doing things like teaching them values before they get wrapped up in valuables; and teaching them the principles for building a home before building a house. It’s great to think about the grand old days, but it is even greater if we can inculcate in this generation the grand old values and help young people focus on the things that matter most in life.

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