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  • Thursday, February 14, 2013

As a long time Sully Witte fan (I shudder to think what some on Mount Pleasant Town Council would get away with without her cold journalistic eye peering over their shoulders all these years), I am encouraged by the addition of Tyler Heffernan to cover sports and features. Like Sully, he is able somehow to cover close to everything in the area (sportswise) as a one-man band while, at the same time, penning diverting features like his column on self-injury at the town council meeting. Like Ben Franklin's” Dialogue with the Gout,” you laugh at and with his youthful discovery of everyday life's aches and pains. (Yes Tyler, from 25 on it's all slowly down the hill of life.)

I sense Vickey Boyd has made what we call a “good hire” here. Please allow young T.H. to open the window and his lively outlook, at least frequently, on what his fresh eyes see.

The Moultrie News plays an important role in informing the rapidly-developing East Cooper area. Without it we would be left with less coverage and insight.

Thanks all. I'll be reading you.

Mel Smith

Mount Pleasant


We realize sailing ships are generally referred to as “she,” and - thanks to Suzannah Smith Miles in your Feb. 6 edition - we now may know why: “It [the sailboat] was a sleek 52-foot working machine with a towering mast [and] coffee-grinder wenches.”

Could it be the feminine reference originated among the seafarers in Java?

Elizabeth and George Vay

Mount Pleasant


The articles in your paper are often both informative and entertaining. This was the case for “Why Sullivan's Island has no trees,” when I read of the boat of baristas (“brass coffee-grinder wenches”).

John Mildner

Mount Pleasant

In the weeds

In today's world it is hard for a single female (young or old) to find reputable companies to take care of certain household and gardening needs.

Case in point, I am a widow who loves to work in the yard and I happen to live where my backyard is very shaded. I wanted to have grass put in after which I could plant bushes and flowers to dress it up.

I called a local company who told me I needed to have zoysa grass put in my back yard (at three times the pallet cost of centipede) due to the shading problem. I thought about this for a long time and asked for a bid. The bid was more than $1,700. I felt they knew more about lawns than I did. So I reluctantly said okay.

Well, a year later I have very little grass and a lot of weeds that were not there before the sod was put in. I have called the company many times and they have looked at my yard many times and I was told, sorry there is nothing they could or would do.

I feel that the weeds were already in the zoysa when it was placed in my yard. I have pulled weeds, sprayed and anything else I could think of to do.

Still no grass and lots of weeds.

Marti Kerns


Dog walkers

Are there special rules covering a person walking his or her dog? Are certain people allowed to disregard and disrespect some homeowners' property?

Dec. 26, 2012, around 4 p.m., while sitting in my car in the driveway with my grandson, I observed a middle aged female struggling with two medium-sized black dogs on a leash. She stopped on my driveway while the dogs relieved themselves in front of my fence. I got out of the car and asked her not to let her dogs do that again. The woman held up a bag. I proceeded to say, “If that happens again I will have to call the police.”

This woman challenged me and said “'Go ahead and call the police now; I will stay right here.”

So I went back into the house and reported the incident to the police and went back outside and waited for the police department to arrive. It took a while before the police or anyone arrived so I went back into the house and re-called the police department.

The dispatcher said someone was on their way and would be there shortly. I described the person with the dogs near my yard. The dispatcher advised me not to approach this person, but to stay in my yard or house and wait for the police. I had no intention of having further conversation with this person.

When someone from the police department responded, it was the dog catcher. He did not get out of his truck, identify himself or take a report. He pointed to the woman and asked, “Is this it?” I told him yes, it was.

I described the incident and the complaint to him. The woman told the dog catcher that she had picked up the dog waste. The dog catcher said if she picked it up two to five minutes after discharge there was nothing that he can do. It is not against the law and the incident occurred outside of my yard.

I told the dog catcher that I would wait for the police officer to come to settle this dispute.

He told me that he was the responding officer and the dog catcher and that no one else was coming. The woman grumbled as she walked away and said that those dogs weren't even her dogs anyway. I asked her for her name, and she would not tell me.

I asked the dog catcher for his card, and he said that he did not have one but that everyone at the department knows who he is as there are only two dog catchers.

I don't think dogs should roam around the streets or be allowed to leave their waste around my property or others. Nor do I think others should be allowed to let their animals defecate directly in front of the property of others.

If this area is considered public property then tell me why some people are allowed to plant shrubbery on these areas to prevent people from parking there, and others are allowed to let out their fenced areas to allow more added space to their property.

Why is the town not mowing and cleaning these areas, and why is it good for some people and not for others? There are no housed areas across the street, and wooded areas to the side of me.

Why couldn't this woman direct her dogs in those directions?

How would you feel if this happened in the area of your property? There are numerous dog owners committing these acts without any reprisals.

I don't know the culprits, but I have pictures of the deposits that were left behind before when no witnesses are around.

Don't you realize that animal waste carries disease and germs? I told the dog catcher I would follow up with this matter the next day which I did. The dog catcher said to take up the matter to town council because they made the rules.

Not all homeowners have the same amount of entrance space to their property. Nevertheless, who wants to tread through feces to access their property? Just wait, the time will come when it will be your turn. How will you handle this matter, dog owner or not?

Ethel Fludd

Mount Pleasant

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