Finding Mudville

  • Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two college kids snuck into the Super Bowl so they could see Beyonce perform at halftime.
Then they posted the video documenting their efforts on YouTube.
I’m missing something here.
Two college students from Savannah State University drove more than 18 hours to New Orleans – or maybe they snuck onto a flight out of Atlanta too – and circumvented the security of the most difficult place to sneak into other than maybe Fort Knox, all so they could see Beyonce and the reunion of Destiny’s Child? What has the world come to?
I have softened my stance that professional football follows a game script and today resembles professional wrestling more than it does the game Dick Butkas and Jim Brown played for the sake of gridiron harmony. When the lights went out in New Orleans I stifled my snort of derision and believed wholeheartedly that the Baltimore Ravens would build on their 21-3 halftime lead and they did, but then promptly blew that lead as the San Francisco 49ers scored 28 second half points to almost win the game.
I scoffed when Jim Nance set the scene, saying the 40-minute interruption of play might upset the precarious momentum enjoyed by the Ravens.
These guys are cognitive human beings capable of self-motivated thought, not greyhounds chasing a mechanical rabbit around the track.
A 40-minute break gives guys like Ray Lewis a fresh set of legs. It doesn’t make him nervous.
I looked beyond all that.
I dismissed my conspiracy theory.
Now I hear two college students made a mockery of post 9/11 security by “acting as if they belonged there,” and they snuck into the Super Bowl.
And they didn’t risk a trip to prison in order to maybe swipe a Ray Lewis jersey, or even the coveted Lombardi Trophy, which would have made one awesome YouTube video by the way.
No, they want to see Beyonce perform at halftime.
Two guys, code named Kobe and LeBron, with no more of a plan devised other than, “We’re going to New Orleans and we’re going to sneak into the Super Bowl,” snuck into the Super Bowl.
They are the Captain Jack Sparrows of successful clandestine entry – make it up as you go along.
The YouTube video shows Kobe and LeBron walking past a dozen or so of New Orleans’ finest without so much as drawing a second look, having guarded doors opened for them, climb up loading docks and take 30-yard line seats that go for about $1,500 a pop.
Seeing this I wonder why I even bother locking my door at night.
If two college students can make NFL security look like mall cops why should I bother engaging a deadbolt you can get for $9.95 at Home Depot when I go to bed each night?
The Super Dome looks a lot like the Death Star in Star Wars, and is about as heavily guarded. But then Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones broke into the Death Star and rescued Debbie Reynolds’ daughter even though a kajillion storm troopers decked out in leftover front quarter panels from the Chrysler assembly were guarding the place.
So what’s my point here?
Which is harder to believe?
The Super Bowl experiences a nearly 40-minute power failure. The Baltimore Ravens blow a 21-3 halftime lead, and nearly lose the game. Two college students sneak into the Super Bowl.
All three happened and nobody’s surprised.
The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.

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