Oh, it’s fixed all right

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don’t tell me football isn’t fixed.
As if the whole Ray Lewis storyline wasn’t enough, someone in the ivory tower that is the NFL executive offices saw a real unique situation brewing.
Throw Peyton, Tom, the whole city of Atlanta, RGIII, Andrew Luck, the Great State of Texas, chuck them all under the bus, and we have us a marketing gold mine here boys.
Brother versus brother. Jim against John. Harbaugh v. Harbaugh. Brilliant!
And in his best Jean Luc Picard voice, NFL Commissioner Paul Goodell said, “Make it so!”
What better way to make football fans forget the New Orleans bounty travesty than by pitting brother against brother? Put mom on TV wearing half a Baltimore Ravens jersey and half a San Francisco 49ers jersey.
Or better yet, make mom a Ravens fan and Dad Niners all the way, baby.
This is the NFL at its best. East Coast vs. West Coast and include everyone in America in between.
Atlanta was supposed to lose last week to Seattle, blowing a 27-point lead to give away the game with 31 seconds on the clock. I had maintained as early as the Seahawks’ first touchdown that Seattle would come back and take the lead with 30 seconds left in the game. Despite the conspiracy theory ridicule I nailed it.
They gave the Falcons a token half-minute to mount a last second comeback, which they did.
This threw the NFL’s oracles for a loop as they were not expecting Pete Carroll to call timeout as Matt Bryant’s 49-yard field goal attempt drifted wide right. But he did and Bryant got another chance, which he nailed.
This week the NFL playmakers left nothing to chance. After coming up short with 1:13 left in the game, the Falcons got the ball back with just 10 seconds left and unless you’re Russell Wilson, what can you do with just 10 seconds left on the clock?
Now, what about New England and Baltimore? The number one offense in all the NFL by 100 points does not score a single point in the second half.
CBS commentator Jim Nantz who will call Super Bowl XLVII, already called this a story of Biblical proportions, “This year’s Super Bowl will feature the greatest story ever told, the battle of two brothers.”
I will not watch this football game. I doubt if I’ll watch another NFL football game after this, in fact.
I’m not a fan of any one particular team except maybe the OLD Cleveland Browns but they’re the Ravens now.
I feel sorry for the city of Cleveland.
I feel even sorrier for Atlanta. All it did was draw the eternal ire of the NFL for having the audacity to let an ice storm paralyze the city three days before Super Bowl XXXIV.
With the train wreck that was the 1996 Summer Olympics still lingering close in the rearview mirror of sports news, Atlanta hosted an equal train wreck of a Super Bowl in 2000 when nobody could get from Point A to Point B because of the two-inch glaze of ice coating most of Georgia.
Atlanta hasn’t hosted one since and its team hasn’t come within shouting distance of getting to one either.
How does a team blow such ridiculous leads on consecutive Sundays? It can because this game is fixed.
Just like wrestling.

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