God, family and who gets appointed

  • Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Editor

God, Family & Who Gets Appointed To the U.S. Supreme Court. At 70 years young, I’m convinced that these are my most important priorities! Everything else is just too unpredictable and too complex.
The elections are over. There is a reason why we are called the “United States”.  It’s time to……Do the right things, for the right reason, every day, so the right things will happen. Time to come together and get engaged. Hate is a horrible word. Struggle has a much softer, action needed sound.  
So where do we start?  Let’s start by stopping the bad mouthing of the elected winners.  Listen to the truth! This is the first order of business. We are stuck with journalists who do not want to just write the news. They most always want to editorialize. Beautiful looking young adults dominate the TV news shows giving their “twenty-five year old” wisdom. And politicians put their spin on the inaction of their organizations, to declare “it’s not their fault.”
 I remember reading somewhere, “ Honesty Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom”.  I’d like to believe I followed that phrase when I wrote for various newsletters, or when I stood at a podium, or when I smiled  when I was 25 years old, but I’m afraid to admit that I didn’t.
But I did have a family, a real family. It included a father and a mother. Three sisters constantly accused me of teasing them. Each of us was not satisfied with each other’s grades in school. We most always were able to put a spin on why our grades were more legitimate than each other’s, And God forbid, if we didn’t tell the truth, there was “hell to pay.”  Mothers were the focal point, and education was priority one.  But everyone knew that we had to preserve, protect and defend our family. And honesty was the first order of business.
It’s amazing to me that politicians have the temerity to run for re-election when we know darn well that they are not prepared to do the right thing for the right reason. They seem more interested in special interests that do not care about long term results.
So our elected leaders “lower the bar” and preach about the importance of lowering traditional life long standards to accommodate the decline of our great country.
Case in point?....What it means to be a college graduate!  “Education, said Dr. John G. Hibben, a former President of Princeton University, is the ability to understand and meet life’s situations.
 So, let’s look at the upcoming National College Football Championship football game, Notre Dame vs Alabama. The Irish are undefeated. Alabama has one loss. Who do we predict will win?  Am I mistaken by stating that Notre Dame is #1 for the fifth straight year? It is the truth! For the past five years, Notre Dame’s has beat out every Division 1 college in the U.S.  They have succeeded in having the highest graduation rate for athletes of all the colleges, at 97%.  And I believe that this is the first time ever, that the #1 team has the #1 graduation rate of their athletes. If you consider the demands of being an athlete who trains, travels, studies and is held accountable, you have to be impressed. It’s not cool to embarrass other colleges, but I know of no other schools except maybe Duke or Boston College who have a graduation rate that hits near 90%. I won’t quote USC or Clemson. I’ll go out of state and pick on N.C. State and UNC Chapel Hill who are 56% and 75% respectively.  
So who will win and be declared #1? I really don’t care. The best college football games are the fierce rivalries, Ohio State vs Michigan, USC vs Clemson, Auburn vs  Alabama, and a few others.
Notre Dame is the winner hands down! Their leaders realize that lowering academic standards for athletes, is the worst kind of hypocrisy, and a sad reflection of what continues to lower our confidence in the system.

Joseph A. Valentino
Middleton Blvd.

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