Fanfare for the Common Man: I am officially not watching

  • Monday, August 6, 2012

I am officially not watching NBCís coverage of the Summer Olympics.
I do not like how the network censors coverage, making you wait until 10 p.m. in prime time to see something that happened up to 12 hours previously.
And no, you havenít heard the last from me yet on these Olympics Iím not watching. We still have the closing ceremonies to scoff at yet.
In the old days of three TV channels and no Internet, Tweets or Smart Phones, I could have waited because I didnít have a choice. Now I have a choice. And I am not going to wait. Therefore I wonít watch it at all.
Great Britainís Andy Murray overcame his defeat at Wimbledon last month to Roger Federer to gain a measure of revenge and win gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The gold medal is probably the more important of the two. You can always win Wimbledon next year, but you may not get another chance at an Olympic gold medal.
So I want to watch it.
Folks in the UK donít have many athletes for which to root. During the Opening Ceremonies the Queen spent the three hours counting the number of nations no longer a part of the British Empire. Not fun to do.
So when they get a chance to celebrate, I want to see it and I want to see it now. You know how it is with me and ceremonial sports moments. Itís one of the four things that make me cry and I feel in need of some tears at the moment.
Iíve pretty much watched the new Superman trailer as much as I can watch it right now. My daughter doesnít get married until next month and Iím not in the mood for bagpipes.
This leaves the ceremonial sports moment as the last thing that makes me cry and NBC is denying me my emotional moment. I donít like being held emotional hostage. If itís a woman, I can handle it.
Itís actually kind of fun, but a television network? No way. †
Ever since Al Gore reportedly invented the Internet we have been spoiled. We have instant access to information and entertainment anytime and anywhere.
In the Not So Good Old Days it would take me more than two minutes to look up the definition of a word in my American Heritage Collegiate dictionary Ė which Iím loathe to say I havenít opened or moved from its spot on my desk in more than three years.
It would take me 45 minutes to get to a library to reference a topic in the encyclopedias.
Today, I can take care of both in the span of time a 30-second promotional spot airs on NBC and still have time to pick up the remote and change the channel because I loathe promotional spots almost as much as I despise tape-delayed broadcasts.
NBC helped created this instant-need monster and now theyíve decided not to feed it.
Well, Iím hungry and I need my information food.
One week remains and Iím ready for it to be over.
I used to be all over this Olympic stuff. I could be all over it again. Just donít make me wait.
You make me wait, I get angry. I get angry, I do stupid things like accidentally shave off an eyebrowÖ and then on purpose have to shave off the other one.
Thereís nothing worse than not having the ability to frown when one is angry.††

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