• Thursday, April 5, 2012

No man is a failure who has friends.

Clarence the Angel said that to George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) at the end of the Frank Capra film ďItís A Wonderful LifeĒ right after he received his wings.
The movie follows Georgeís life from childhood until middle age when he finds himself in dire straits because of some serious financial mismanagement at the savings and loan. Facing arrest, prison and scandal, George wishes he was never born and Clarence the Angel shows him just what a wonderful life he really has.
In the end, all of Georgeís friends come back to pitch in and bail him out of trouble, a sweet, feel good movie.
I wonder how Wonderful Life would have fared today, specifically in the Facebook world with its endless clothesline of dirty laundry.
George Bailey Status Update: Worst day ever. OMG. Found out Uncle Billy cleaned us out and took off for Aruba. The savings and loan is about to fail. Iím headed for prison. All I have are Zuzuís stupid rose petals. I wish I were never born.
Clarence the Angel has sent you a Friends Request.
George Bailey and Clarence the Angel are now friends.
Clarence Comment: George you donít want to wish you were never born. Life is precious. Think about all the babies that have never had the chance at the wonderful life you have. Repost for an hour if you believe in babies.
Mr. Potter Comment (played by Donald Trump): George Ö youíre fired.
Clarence Comment: Okay George you were never born, and oh yeah, your wife is an Old Maid librarian.
Mary Bailey Comment: Thatís media specialist you sexist pig, and who needs a man around anyway, especially if he has no money? LOL. This book lady is going to turn some pages. Repost for an hour if you hate men.
George Bailey Status Update: First day not being born. The Feds arenít after me anymore. Iím as free as a bird. I am the rolling stone that gathers no moss. Iím headed for Vegas baby.
Clarence Comment: No George, thatís not how it works. You are supposed to see how life turns out if you were never born.
George Comment: Life looks just fine to me. No ball and chain wife or kids. No savings and loan that needs a government bailout. And check out Violetís profile pics, holy moley. She can butter my bread any old time.
George Bailey has become a fan of Violet Bickís Facebook page.
Clarence Comment: George, youíre supposed to be in love with Mary. Your wife, remember her? What about Zuzuís rose petals?
George Comment: Okay, okay, youíre right Clarence. I miss Zuzuís rose petals. Give me my life back.
Mary Bailey Status Update: Dear God, please help my husband George at this time. Heís in a little bit over his head and owes the bank a lot of money. Uncle Billy wrote himself a big bonus check and emptied out S&L trust fund. My husband is a good man and doesnít deserve prison time. Repost for an hour if you have someone in your family behind bars.
Bert the Cop Comment: Crickets
Ernie the Cab Driver Comment: Yeah, crickets.
George Comment: What? No money? Come on people. Show me the money! Hey this is no wonderful life at all, Clarence.
Zuzu Bailey Status Update: Hey everyone! Check out my new rose tat.
George comment (Unlike): All the money in Bedford Falls wonít fix this one. Kill me now Clarence. †††
Clarence Comment: George, on the keyboard of life, always keep your finger on the escape key. I didnít get my wings either, no thanks to you.
George Bailey has blocked Clarence the Angel.

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