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  • Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is America still a moral nation?

Palm Sunday is April 1, and it marks the beginning of Holy Week. 
Before it begins, it may be a good time for us to reflect on our lives and what is going on around us. This being a Presidential election year, a lot of our attention has been focused on politics. The needs of our country are many so paying attention to who is and who is not fit to lead us is important.                                                                                           
Watching the political landscape has also shown us how much we need to move from beyond politics to something greater than politics. After watching the politicians thus far I am sure based on the comments I have heard and read that many Americans realize that our politicians need a lot of help. They need more than human help. They need divine help.  
Our problems go beyond theories of economic prosperity and means of getting the economy robust again. Every tool for good can be abused by human beings. Every theory, every idea that grew out of a desire to see good can be manipulated by man to achieve his own selfish aims and desires. 
The Enron saga taught us that brains and money without integrity and uprightness can cause great harm to people. We need more than politicians’ sweet words, that are often nothing more than a “sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal.”                                                                                                   
There is a verse of scripture that stands out in my memory. It is from Proverbs 14:34. The KJV says, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” 
Watching the political landscape over the past few years and months has led me to believe that America is on a downward moral slide. I don’t believe another country can hurt us, but I do believe we can hurt ourselves. 
I don’t believe America’s greatest danger is related to the state of the economy, but its moral life. 
We boast about our godliness. We have “In God we trust” on our currency. Preachers blare out on television screens week after week that we are a Christian nation. For us to maintain that reputation there must be righteous living on our part. We must remember the poor, the homeless, the destitute, the stranger and the down and out. We must give equal respect to all people without regard to race, age, ethnicity or any other such difference.                                                                                                                              
Last week one GOP Presidential candidate was at a firing range during one of his many political stops. While engaging in some target practice and aiming at his target one lady was heard to shout in the crowd loudly enough for reporters and others to hear, “Imagine it is Obama.”  
The derogatory, dirty joke sent in an email by a judge not so long ago, the bumper stickers with racial put downs that many have been driving around with; all open the window to America’s soul.  
How well America is doing should never be measured just by the Dow Jones average but by where we are in our relationship with God. Are we still a righteous nation or are we only professing righteousness now? Are we living off reputation or reality?

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